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Our Story

Rivendell Farms is a regenerative agricultural operation located on Plus Lazy K Ranch in the mountains near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We Renourish the Earth by restoring and nurturing ecological cycles to promote diverse and resilient biological communities through holistic resource management using regenerative agriculture techniques.

Our core mission is to cultivate a virtuous cycle; renourishing the land that nourishes us. This cycle is fueled by the sun and moved by water to nourish soil, plants, animals and people. Fundamental to the conception of this cycle is the commonality of the constituents. One main example is the relationship between the microbiota in the soil, the rumen, and the human body.

Plus Lazy K Beef is better for you and better for the earth. This meat is the product of farming techniques that renourish the earth and our bodies. Highly mineralized volcanic soils, pristine spring water, and an abundance of sunshine combine to produce nutrient dense beef that tastes amazing. The cattle have been grass-finished through holistically planned grazing on diverse pasture.

Plus Lazy K Beef - biologically concentrated vegetable nutrition!

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Sunrise on the farm.